26 July 2017

The reason why Home Appliances Don’t Last Anymore

Home appliances used to be label as one of the most dependable things you can purchase. They can last for over a decade, and would nearly never require repairs or replacement. But nowadays, this isn't the case.  Most appliances last a maximum of 10 years, and some will only last for 3-4 years.
The reason why Home Appliances Don’t Last Anymore

Some appliances last longer than others: those ones with moving parts or that process a significant amount of water such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, tend to less a fraction of the length of time they once did. Consumers now have to accept the custom of having to purchase multiple appliances with the same purpose over the course of their lifetime.

Why is this the Case?
Appliances that are being produced now don’t last as long as they used to be due to several reasons. Most companies are outsourcing the production of some of the components in appliances they produced, they outsource from less expensive third-party companies. The reasons for this are clear: energy efficient appliances with high tech features are expensive to produce so cost saving measures that were taken will be taken.

Additionally, appliance manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the constantly changing demands of consumers. As technology becomes more efficient certain aspects of purchasable products are expected. Consumers want their products to be lightweight, compact, and stylishly fashioned. Manufacturers are unable to meet these requirements to stay current while still, they are still building old fashioned, hearty machines. Those new components they use are inherently more delicate, and their light weight nature makes them more exposed to breakage.

The Benefits of New Appliances
We all agree that home appliances are not built the way they used to be. They are lighter in weight and generally, have more streamlined designs. They are also much more efficient.

Example: A run-of-the-mill washing machine once used 35-50 gallons of water per load of laundry. Now, however, they use a mere 12-15 gallons per load of laundry. This not only is efficient as far as limiting water usage and going green, but it’s also incredibly cost effective.

In addition to being high efficiency when it comes to energy and water use, the new generation of appliances is much more affordable than they once were. When consumers used to purchase appliances, each one would almost cost a full paycheck. It was very expensive, and they were expected to last forever in return. However, the purchase decision was never taken lightly due to the high price. Now, though, things are much different. A comparable appliance made today might cost a third of your paycheck and, despite lasting for a shorter period, it’s more efficient build is likely to save you money in the long run.

Because of this low cost, more people are choosing to purchase a new appliance when the former one gets spoilt, instead of getting it fixed.

How can you protect yourself Against an Appliance’s Short Lifespan?
Just because home appliances aren’t built like they used to be in the 1980’s doesn’t mean you can’t get more life out of them. In many cases, you don’t even need to go the do-it-yourself route. It can be frustrating sometimes, or expensive, time-consuming, and results aren’t guaranteed.
Instead, consider a home warranty as an option. Many home warranties specifically cover appliances, and most of them are incredibly affordable.

Home warranties could be a tad tricky though. It’s difficult to decipher what kind of appliances are covered, and which companies are honest and actually going to handle you in an appropriate manner.

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18 July 2017

Apple adds PayPal as payment option for iTunes users

You can now use PayPal as a payment option on your apple devices. You might already associate a credit card with your Apple ID to pay for any app, music, movie or book. If you prefer paying for everything you purchase online via PayPal, you now have the opportunity to use your PayPal to pay when using your iTunes. 

This development is not yet available throughout the world, but it is available in Canada and Mexico. you can use the PayPal for any iTunes, app store or apple music transactions made through an iPhone, iPad or an iPod. PayPal promises to make the feature available in other locations, including the USA.

To use PayPal, you just need to add it as a payment option under account settings. make it the default payment if you had rather use it than your card on file. 

The most interesting part of this development is that; it will even work even when you make your purchase through an Apple TV or an Apple watch. It will even bring PayPal's One Touch mobile feature to those devices, which means that you only need to authenticate transactions made through the TV or watch with your finger print.

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08 July 2017

PS4 Original Vs PS4 Slim Vs Ps4 pro

Here is a complete guide for buying the best ps4 console for your needs. Well, there are three models of Ps4 released till now which include Ps4 (2013), Ps4 Slim (September 2016) and Ps4 Pro (November 2016). All Ps4 models come with 500 GB or 1 TB of storage.

Now there are a lot of accessories released for Ps4 till now including USB Hubs, Gaming wheels, Ps4 Nacon Revolution Controller, Headsets, PSVR and much more. PSVR also has some amazing titles. The newly released Resident Evil 7 looks perfect in VR. PSVR is originally released for Ps4 Pro but it can also be used in other models with just a little bit of sacrifice. We are now going to compare all three models side by side. 


Dimension: Original Ps4 got dimensions (275.1 x 305.1 x 53.1)mm , while the Ps4 Slim got dimensions (265 x 288 x 39)mm and Ps4 Pro’s dimensions are (295 x 327 x 255)mm. 

Weights: Their weights are Ps4 (2.8 Kg), Ps4 Slim(2.1 Kg), and Ps4 pro(3.3 Kg). So Ps4 Slim is the lightest and slimmest Ps4 ever released. 
Display: When it comes to Display all Ps4’s support videos from 480p to 4k, also in HDR. Only Ps4 Pro supports gaming at 4k which is limited to a few titles. If you don’t have a 4k tv or don’t plan to buy one the Ps4 pro is useless for you. 

Processor: All of the Ps4 models released till now have AMD Jaguar x86-64 8-core CPUs inside them. When it comes to GPU, they are also provided by AMD. Ps4 and Ps4 slim have 1.84 Teraflops of Graphics processing power while the Ps4 pro got 4.2 Teraflops of memory but it still can compete with a Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1080 which got Teraflops of Graphics processing power but still can’t game at 4k with 50+ fps. 

Ram: All Ps4’s got 8 GB Rams. 

DVD: All Ps4’s have support for Blu-ray and DVD support. 

Bluetooth: The version of Bluetooth in Orignal Ps4 is V 2.1 while the other two models have Bluetooth V 4.0. 

USB: There are two USB 3.0 ports in original Ps4 and Ps4 Slim while the Ps4 pro has three USB ports. You really don’t need extra ports because USB Hubs are available at very cheap prices. 

Controllers: Controllers for all Ps4 consoles are same.
Well Ps4 pro beats other Ps4 models but keep in mind that it’s priced high. Ps4 Slim is now cheaper and Orignal Ps4 can be bought used for even less. Ps4 pro got 4k support in gaming for a few titles, only buy Ps4 if you have 4k tv or planning to buy one because then there is no point to buy a Ps4 pro. There are very good bundles available for Ps4 Slim at cheap prices. It will be a good decision to buy Ps4 or Ps4 Slim and save money for upcoming consoles. There will not be any effect on the performance of PSVR. 

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02 July 2017

Avoid these mistakes while charging your phone

Many phone users do complain that their device’s batteries discharge quickly. They also put the blame on the manufacturer for this problem. However, the manufacturer is not to be blame always. 

Here are five mistakes that users typically make when charging their phones:

1.  Waiting for the battery to reach low levels before charging

Don't let your battery get drained completely before charging it. Letting your battery get drained completely before charging will make the battery get stressed and shorten the battery life. This might not happen immediately, but over the time, it begins to manifest. Think of your battery as a human being, you cant wait till you are about to die before you rest and revive your health.

2.  Keeping your phone case on while charging
Whenever your phone is charging, it typically emits heat. to avoid exposing your device to high temperatures, it is advisable to remove the phone case/pouch while you are charging so that the heat emitted from your phone can escape while charging. By this, you can prevent your device from getting hot and overheating when charging. 

NB: don't charge your phone at uncomfortable temperatures, this can permanently damage your battery.

3.  Charging your phone in the wrong places
Always mind where you charge your phone, because if you didn't take note of than, it can negatively affect your battery capacity. Normally, every phone have a range of temperature for which they can function normally and charging your phone in a hot area can raise the temperature and stress the battery out.

4.  Charging your phone overnight
The range of time for sleeping throughout the night is mostly between 5-8 hrs, and your smartphone battery typically needs 2-3 hrs to fully charge. Charging your smartphone overnight constantly stress the battery each night. very soon, your phone will develop battery problems. Also, the temperature will rise when the battery is overcharged. Now, apart from shortening battery life, it can also threaten your safety, it can easily explode after getting over heated. It is better to charge before you sleep and avoid charging overnight.

5.  Plugging whatever charger fits
This, especially applies to smartphones. Most smartphones users use a micro USB as charger and for this reasons, most people tend to switch and swap chargers since they fit into and work on their phones. However, this is not appropriate and in the end, it can negatively affect your phone battery. The fact that most smartphones have the same micro USB doesn’t mean all chargers and phones are compatible. Some chargers function differently and that difference can be detrimental to your device if care is not taken.
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01 July 2017

5 Cheap Home Security Gadgets You Should Install In Your House

Your security is your own business and responsibility. Especially in our type of society where thieves and violent criminals are on the prowl, taking adequate security measures will definitely go a long way in protecting the people you love and care for as well as yourself.
Apart from taking security precautions against criminals, there are other human activities that can pose a significant threat to our collective existence.

Nowadays, people employ the use of highly sophisticated home security gadgets to curb the excesses of unscrupulous elements living within our society as well as providing ample protection to our love ones and properties. However, these are five cheap home security gadgets you can install at your home.

1. Burglar Alarms
The name alone gives you a massive clue about what it’s meant for. Burglars pose a major threat to our lives and properties. They monitor your daily movements and schedules in a bid to break into your homes when you are away or vulnerable. They cost homeowners a great deal in fortune, as most properties stolen are often pricey. Measures have been taken over the years to curb their excesses, hence the Burglar Alarm.

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The Burglar Alarm is basically a simple electric circuit built into an entryway. Burglar Alarms are of two basic types: Closed-Circuit System and the Open Circuit System. For the closed-circuit system, when the door is shut, the electric circuit is closed. This allows electricity flow from one end of the circuit to another. When someone breaks or opens your door when activated, the alarm goes off, signaling an intrusion. For the Open Circuit System, when the door is opened, the circuit closes, triggering an intrusion alarm.

2. Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are not new to many of us, most especially people working at financial institutions. They are basically surveillance cameras that are used to monitor, take images as well as record activities going on within and around sensitive places. Usually, most especially within financial institutions or sensitive places, someone is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring the recordings captured by the CCTV, either for fraud prevention or to safeguard against attacks. The application of CCTV’s to your home is fairly simple, you just need to mount the cameras at strategic places within your home or surroundings, so you’d be able to monitor the activities going on within it.

There are CCTVs that provide live feeds, which can help you monitor the activities going on within your home from your Smartphone or computer with good internet facility, but these types of CCTVs are much more expensive than the ones without live feed. The psychological benefits of installing CCTVs in your homes cannot be overemphasized. The sight of CCTVs cameras, most times, is enough to scare away burglars, because it tells them that a particular home or property is being watched; No criminal wants to get caught.

3. Distress Alarm

Distress Alarm might sound strange but should not be confused with burglar alarm. Distress alarms are designed to remain inconspicuous but highly effective in curbing the activities of robbers, kidnapers and other criminals. It’s basically a system designed to dial certain numbers of law enforcement agencies to let them know you are in trouble, but first you must find a way of pushing the button, which is usually a difficult thing to do during distress. You will need to collaborate with our law enforcement agencies in other make this system practicable. This system is very effective at banks, especially during robberies, but can also be very handy at home.

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4. Fake Security Camera

This camera looks very much like real CCTVs, but it’s completely fake. It just creates the same kind of psychological effect on criminals like the real CCTVs. It creates a false perception that a particular home or property is being watched, that alone scares away lots of burglars and intruders. The major advantage of implementing systems like this is that it’s far cheaper to implement than installing real CCTVs.

5. Carbon Monoxide detector

This particular gadget is self explanatory, very relevant in this country of ours where 70 to 90% of the electricity generated in the country is from generators. There has been so much carbon monoxide related deaths in the country, you may suffer from the harmful effects of these gases as a result of your own negligence or the recklessness of your neighbor. A Carbon Monoxide detector is designed to detect the presence of Carbon monoxide within your home. It triggers an alarm on detection, which will leave you and your love ones ample time to evacuate your premises. It’s a very important home security gadget to acquire for your home.

In conclusion, the security of your homes and properties is paramount and shouldn’t be taken with levity. We can improve the security within our homes by acquiring these highly sophisticated gadgets and equipment. Most of these gadgets are not so expensive, but they will definitely go a long way in improving the security within and around your premises as well as protecting the people you love.

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28 June 2017

Oneplus 5 review; a top notch android smartphone for the price

You might not have heard of OnePlus before. It's a company that hardcore Android enthusiasts love, because it sells high-end Android smartphones that cost hundreds of dollars less than phones like the Galaxy S8.

Let's take a look at what makes it a solid new entry.

The phone looks almost exactly like an iPhone 7 Plus

Seriously — note the dual camera setup, the flash right next to the cameras, the antenna lines along the top border and even the location of the logo. This isn't bad. I like the rounded edges and the sleek matte black color. It just looks awfully similar to my iPhone 7 Plus.

The screen is really crisp and sharp
The OnePlus 5 has a bright and sharp screen. While it's not as good as the screen on the Galaxy S8, it's great for browsing the web or watching a quick TV show.
There's a fantastic new "reading mode" function that turns on gray-scale and lowers the brightness, making it feel like you're reading from an eReader. This function was one of my favorites.

The camera is pretty good
The camera is pretty good at those iPhone 7 Plus style "portrait" shots. It blurs the background so that your subject is the only object in focus, creating a "bokeh" or blurred effect that you typically get from high-end camera lenses.

It didn't work as well as the iPhone 7 Plus camera, though, and seemed a little finicky when I was trying to capture a shot of my dog on the beach. It also didn't work great when my colleague took a couple of pictures of me with a wall in the background — it just blurred my body. When I moved and had more of the newsroom in the background, it worked much better.
It charges really quickly
OnePlus calls its technology "Dash Charge" and you can juice up fully in about an hour or so. This meant I didn't have to worry if my phone was dying before I had to run out the door for lunch on the weekend, for example. 
I just plugged it in for about 15 minutes and had plenty of juice to get me through to the evening. I was usually able to get through a work day and into bed without the battery dying, which is great.

The OnePlus 5 is crazy fast
The phone has the latest Qualcomm processor, and OnePlus optimized the software and hardware so the phone feels really zippy. It feels like one of the fastest I've used all year. OnePlus fans are used to this.

There's enough storage included on the base model (64GB) that you probably won't run out of space quickly, even if you have some movies and large games.

Lots of customization options
You can customize all sorts of features of the OnePlus 5, which is another reason it has so many fans. There's a dark mode that makes the screen black, or you can tweak the accent colors throughout the phone to one of 8 colors. There's also a widget shelf that's always available with a swipe across the home screen. It helps you find your most-opened apps, frequent contacts and more.
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23 June 2017


1. Never fail to pray before saying yes to a man. 
Don't be in a hurry to get married. If you rush in, you may rush out with alot of injuries!

2. Discover Your Purpose before marriage.
Go To School Or Learn A Trade. Don't wait for a man before you start living. Add value to yourself. Have a life.

3. Don't run after a man because of his wealth.
money, cars, connection, position, talent, or family background. Marry a man base on the conviction of the Holy Spirit and Love

Signs That You’re Dating A Pathological Liar
4. Develop a healthy eating habit. 
Don't be too fat that single men begin to think you are married. It takes discipline to do that.

5. Dress well: First Impression counts. 
Don't expose any of your private part for men to see otherwise you might only attract a player not a responsible man

6. Don't beg or force a man to marry you. 
You are too precious to do that. And don't try to hook and keep a guy with sex or unwanted pregnancy. Many ladies who do that end up in shame and regrets

7. Your character is your marriage. 
It makes a man want to spend the rest of his life with you. So Work on your character. Beauty is not everything. If it is all you have, you'll lose your place to someone more beautiful and more matured than you

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8. Never fail to learn how to cook good food. 
Men usually love a woman who feed them with good food because one of the easiest way to a man's heart is through stomach (good food)

9. Never fail to read at least 20 books on marriage & family before your wedding. 
The marriage you don't prepare for will confuse you when you get there.

10. Attend marriage seminar and premarital counselling before marriage.


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20 June 2017

Ways To Save Your Data When Using Mobile Hotspot To Browse

With the internet of things, communication among devices and gadgets have been made very easy. It doesn’t take forever anymore to connect your laptop to your phone’s hotspot.

This is probably why you can now connect your hotspot to your computer for browsing. Regardless, for some people who use hotspot, their mobile data doesn’t last which is not supposed to be.

1. Reduce The Use Of Multimedia
If you use hotspot, and you want to save data, you should avoid watching videos and music streaming. This is because more data is required for viewing and playing videos and music.

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2. Turn Off Automatic Update
Whenever you use hotspot, always turn off the automatic update on your phone. It may have been long your computer was updated, and immediately your system is connected to a hotspot, it will begin to update. Before you say, Jack Robinson, your data is exhausted.

3. Don’t Forget To End All Downloads
You may be downloading a movie on a public Wi-Fi and you are unable to finish. However, you forgot to stop or end the download and you later connect your hotspot, the download will simply continue from where it stopped earlier with the use of your data.

4. Optimize Wi-Fi Settings
You should activate your hotspot for shorter low-power Wi-Fi. This will make it possible for data to be less consumed while browsing with hotspot.

BEWARE: Smart home devices can now be used to spy on you.

5. Observe Data Level
Notwithstanding the fact that you have enough data on your phone, you should not ignore it when you connect your hotspot with your computer. You should always check it from time to time so that you will be aware of your data balance. This will let you know how to use it carefully and consciously.

6. Stop All Background Applications
Like your phone, your laptop also has background apps running. Some of these apps need internet to function optimally. So, end all background applications before you connect your hotspot.
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19 June 2017

Dangerous Apps You Should Uninstall on your phone

There are many apps manufactured together with a mobile phone which are usually not able to be uninstalled by the user why? because your phone might mis-behave if you uninstall these apps, it’s a normal thing but there are still some apps which are not manufactured with the phone but still yet it can not be uninstalled and these apps are installed by other apps which has ads(advertisement) and other auto-running features on them. 

Anyway you can see how to uninstall manufactured or stubborn apps, that not really the main purpose of this post.

Today i am going to show you some apps which you have to uninstall immediately before it damages you phone, although you might not notice but this apps damages a device in a gradual process until it finishes it’s mission.


1) Auto-start Apps.
Apps that keeps on running with out permission, it’s not manufactured with the phone, it has no valid value, No user permission and others.
This apps are usually installed most times by people due to it’s been introduced to them because of one good feature or another but, they refuse to discover the bad features in the app which are very harmful to a mobile phone.

How uninstall this Apps:
Go to Settings-> Apps-> “ALL” or “Downloaded Apps” click on the apps you wish to unistall and uninstall them.

2) App with Ads
This app are associated with running/auto-start apps, it usually shows some pop-ups of games and apps that are available for installation and this apps that pop-ups for download possibly has the same features with that of the generator such as Auto-running, Ads displaying etc. So it’s very harmful to install these kinds of apps. You can see how to uninstall these apps above.
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3) Apps With Max Ram Requirements

You should learn to stay away from apps that requires too much RAM, this can also result to another problem in your phone. Apps such as;

Games with OBB+APK: These apps consumes ram alot and the main problem why you can’t clear the app data is that, if data is been cleared you will you loss all your game progress. So i advice you to not install it at all if you do not have more ram storage.

VPN Apps: It’s very difficult to stay away from this apps why? because most of the free browsing tricks and others are usually connected with VPN apps, so i advice you instead of removing you can always “Clear App Data” or even Uninstall and install back when you have a new cheat available.

There are also some apps that have higher ram consumption, so it’s best for you to delete and stay away from them for your mobile phone safety.

4) Mobile Launcher
Phone launchers is a good idea for a mobile phone, but downloading the wrong launcher is the main problem because when you download a launcher that doesn’t suite the need of your phone it contributes to harmful problems to the phone, and it may take a while before you notice this, but it must surely develop a fault. So i advice you to make use of the built-in mobile Launcher cause it’s the best that suites your mobile phone.
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As a result of all the above listed problems, the mobile phone develops these habits below:
1) It Reduces Random Access Memory(RAM)
2) It Seizes Phone Speed
3) Phone Battery dies before reaching its regular extent.
4) High temperature: it makes phone system warm or very hot.
5) More other issues.

With the above listed apps you can now use and enjoy you smart phone safely without any further problem.
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18 June 2017

How to expand the lifetime of your smart phone

Cost of maintenance and repairs of smart phones and devices has been on the high side due to the fall of the Naira and the strains associated with accessing forex.

Although, some of the major damages to smart devices come from online-related vices; viruses and other software related issues, major harm to smart devices comes from having no knowledge of the right accessories required to protect devices from physical damage.

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to know and adopt basic measures that old and new users can employ to ensure the durability of their smart devices, thereby reducing cost of repairs.

1.  Screen protector: 
A screen protector is an additional covering, commonly polyurethane or glass, which can be attached to the screen of an electronic device to protect it from physical damage. Tempered glass protectors are widely the most commonly used because they are five times stronger than regular screen protectors. Hence, it is advisable to get screen protectors as they not only protect screens from scratch but they also keep them from breaking when they fall. At present, phone screens are one of the most expensive parts of the phone to replace.

2.  Pouch: 
A pouch is generally a bag-like material used to protect the external body of devices from wear and tear, as well as fading due to unfavourable exposure and cracks. Pouches are usually made from different materials; latex, leather, wool etc. Getting a pouch for your smart phone is advised because, besides wear and tear that makes the phone look less appealing, impact from a fall or moisture from sweat can damage the mother board of the phone. The cost of repairing that is as good as getting a new phone.
3.  Recommended chargers: 
All smart devices come with the manufacturers’ unique specifications on the type of charger to use on each device. Aberration from any of the said specifications while purchasing a charger might inherently lead to the damage of the device’s battery and subsequently damage the charger too. So when purchasing chargers for smart devices, it is important to ensure they fit the manufacturer’s specification.

4.  Power source: 
Extremely low or high voltage has been found to be quite damaging to chargers and batteries of smart devices. The generally recommended voltage for charging smart devices is 3.7volts, power sources giving out anything relatively too low or higher, are bound to cause serious damage to the device.

BEWARE: Smart home devices can now be used to spy on you.

It is best to observe electricity thus, if the light bulb looks unusually bright, it’s most likely high voltage, you shouldn’t charge with that and vice versa. However the easiest thing to do is to get a voltage stabilizer, it would save not just your phone but other appliances and gadgets in the home.
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