07 May 2017

Romantic places you can take your date to, in Lagos

Are you looking for affordable places you can have a date? Although there may be recession in the country but not to worry, we came up with 6 affordable places with very romantic packages that is guaranteed to give you a romantic and memorable date.

1.  Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone Creamery is a hidden gem with a faithful following. Strictly known for their ice cream and shakes which comes in a wide array of choices. Enjoy tasty shakes with you date in this cosy environment. The ambience, service and reception are priceless. A place you’ll certainly pick for a date over and over again.

2.  Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
KFC has a lot of branches, scattered round Lagos with each located in strategic spots. Their distinctive shade of red speaks in silence, creating this aura of love and welcome. They are known for their delicious chicken drumsticks and chips. It’s also a great location for a great date.
3.  Domino’s Pizza
Domino’s Pizza is everywhere in Lagos, either on the mainland or island. It’s a place where people frequent a lot not just for their tasty pizza but also for what comes in between – the vibes, which is lively yet cosy, making for a great place to enjoy a delicious pizza and even talk for hours. They are known for their interior design with colours that speaks to all personalities. Perfect for all kind of dates.

4.  Taruwa
If your crush is a culture enthusiast, Taruwa is the best place for a date. Awe your crush with your cultural and poetic insight at this location. Located in Falomo, Ikoyi, it’s a beautiful arena where music and poetry speak volumes. Also it’s a place for all forms of dance and performing arts. Never a dull moment in Taruwa!
5.  Omu Resorts
This is one of the best romantic getaways for date. With the varieties of events at this location, you will have quality time filled with so much fun with your partner.
6.  Silverbird Cinemas
To make your day special, you can have a night out to see a romantic movie at the cinema where you can hold each other and laugh together. What and where will you be on Valentine's Day? Share your proposed romantic plan with in the comment below.

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