18 July 2017

Apple adds PayPal as payment option for iTunes users

You can now use PayPal as a payment option on your apple devices. You might already associate a credit card with your Apple ID to pay for any app, music, movie or book. If you prefer paying for everything you purchase online via PayPal, you now have the opportunity to use your PayPal to pay when using your iTunes. 

This development is not yet available throughout the world, but it is available in Canada and Mexico. you can use the PayPal for any iTunes, app store or apple music transactions made through an iPhone, iPad or an iPod. PayPal promises to make the feature available in other locations, including the USA.

To use PayPal, you just need to add it as a payment option under account settings. make it the default payment if you had rather use it than your card on file. 

The most interesting part of this development is that; it will even work even when you make your purchase through an Apple TV or an Apple watch. It will even bring PayPal's One Touch mobile feature to those devices, which means that you only need to authenticate transactions made through the TV or watch with your finger print.

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